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Thorns cause the attacker to be damaged when they deal damage to the wearer of the armor.

This means that when the ender dragon attacks the player, the damage will be reflected off of the player and right back onto the dragon..

Answered by: Arun Saini Date created: May 16, 2022

Does tank size affect bearded dragon growth?

Asked By: rolisz Date created: May 01, 2022

Bearded dragons will only grow to the max size that their environment allows. This means if you put a young bearded dragon (that's not finished growing) in a cage/tank that is too small Learn how to make sure a bearded dragon's tank is not too small., then they will not be able to grow to their full size.

Answered By: Javaru Date created: May 04, 2022

How does consumer confidence affect sras?

Asked By: François Romain Date created: May 12, 2022

The decrease in consumer confidence causes consumers to spend less money, and hence decreases aggregate demand. ... How does the decrease in consumer confidence effect the short run aggregate supply curve? It does not impact the SRAS.

Answered By: Sai Gopi Me Date created: May 13, 2022

Does sharpness affect the Ender Dragon?

Asked By: gold_cy Date created: May 14, 2022

Note that only the sharpness enchantment will have an effect on the Ender dragon. It cannot be hurt by fire enchantments. ... The Ender dragon cannot be harmed by fire, so there's not really a point in taking a bow or swords with the flame enchantment.

Answered By: Arthur Azevedo De Amorim Date created: May 16, 2022

Does the speedometer affect the odometer?

Asked By: Daniel Vassallo Date created: May 03, 2022

the odometer takes the same feed the speedometer does, thus if one is off, so is the other. Your odo will show less miles than truly driven....

Answered By: Ben Date created: May 05, 2022

Does pH affect rate of diffusion?

Asked By: Ben Leggiero Date created: May 13, 2022

Why does pH affect the rate of diffusion? The acidity of alkaline properties of the solute can affect the stability of the cell(s). Why does state of matter affect the rate of diffusion? The ability of the solute being able to diffuse in each state depending on the state the substance is in as well.

Answered By: Alper t. Turker Date created: May 13, 2022

Does size affect buoyancy?

Asked By: Vijay Date created: May 17, 2022

Because the buoyancy of a solid cube of material depends on its density, which does not vary with the size of the object, changing the size of a cube does not affect whether it will sink or float.

Answered By: joanis Date created: May 17, 2022

How does gender affect strength?

Asked By: Arghya Sadhu Date created: May 01, 2022

Gender does not affect the quality of our muscle, but does influence the quantity. ... The larger the muscles, the stronger the person; this is why most men are stronger than most women. Limb and Muscle Length. Another strength factor that is naturally determined is limb length.

Answered By: coredump Date created: May 04, 2022

Does mass affect falling speed?

Asked By: timgeb Date created: May 07, 2022

Mass does not affect the speed of falling objects, assuming there is only gravity acting on it. ... The horizontal force applied does not affect the downward motion of the bullets -- only gravity and friction (air resistance), which is the same for both bullets.

Answered By: Adam Robinson Date created: May 08, 2022

Does smite affect Ender Dragon?

Asked By: Sulthan Date created: May 01, 2022

No. The Smite enchantment can only be used on skeletons, wither skeletons, zombies, zombie pigmen, drowned and the Wither boss. As the Enderman isn't classified as an undead mob, it will not be dealt extra damage points.

Answered By: Graviton Date created: May 04, 2022

Does swimming in chlorine affect fertility?

Asked By: Eldar Djafarov Date created: May 08, 2022

Swimming in water does not interfere with the sperm in the uterus, and does not affect the fertilization process.

Answered By: Cade Roux Date created: May 11, 2022

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Does laser hair removal affect male fertility?

Overall, laser hair removal doesn't affect male fertility or erectile function. ... The fact is, laser hair removal targets the hair follicles – it does not penetrate deep into the skin and does not penetrate into the internal organs.



Does cremation affect the soul?

"The Church raises no doctrinal objections to this practice, since cremation of the deceased's body does not affect his or her soul," the guidelines continue, "nor does it prevent God, in his omnipotence, from raising up the deceased body to new life."

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Does voltage affect wattage?

When the voltage change is made, wattage does not change. Wattage is what actually does the work, be it cooking food or blowing air.

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How does debt affect purchase price?

PROBLEM #1: Does Debt really increase the purchase price? ... Debt is Repaid with the Buyer's Cash: Does increase the amount the buyer “really pays”. Existing Debt is Replaced with New Debt: Increases the amount the buyer “really pays,” but the buyer still isn't paying more cash.



Do potions affect the Ender Dragon?

1 Answer. From the minecraft Wiki under "Bugs": Potions have no effect on the ender dragon. So, to answer the question: No.



Do potions affect the wither?

The Wither actually is immune to potions. Like the Ender Dragon. Bosses just aren't affected.

Greg Hewgill


Does God affect free will?

God and His temperaments are one, and God's existence is beyond the comprehension of Man… ... Just as his knowledge of the past does not interfere with man's free will, neither does his knowledge of the future.

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Does Dark affect fairy?

The Fairy-type was introduced in Generation VI to balance the Dragon and Dark-types. ... It is super-effective against both types and also resisted most types that were introduced in the past Generation (mostly Bug, Fighting, and Dark-types).



What enchantments affect the Ender Dragon?

Note that only the sharpness enchantment will have an effect on the Ender dragon. It cannot be hurt by fire enchantments. Bow and arrows are the prefered weapon of many players, as it both allows you to fight the dragon and destroy the Ender crystals from a distance.

Fabrizio Calderan


Does thorns affect Ender Dragon?

Since one of the hardest damage to avoid during the fight is fall damage, Feather Falling IV on the player's boots can be critical. Thorns is also recommended, because it will damage any provoked endermen when they attack the player.

Dmitry Bychenko


Does thorns affect the wither?

A level 3 Thorns enchantment (maximum level obtainable without editors) still does not damage slimes. Mobs affected: Zombies, Cave Spiders, Spiders, Skeleton, Wither Skeletons, Zombie Pigmen, Endermen and Silverfish.



Does thorns affect wither?

Blast Protection is better than normal Protection, because it will protect the player from explosion damage, which is inevitable in the wither fight. Thorns is ineffective, because the wither can fly, and will therefore not touch the player's armor.



What does not affect diffusion?

The factor that does not affect the rate of diffusion are the electrical charges of the diffusion particles. The electrical charges do not participate in such processes.



Does the wind affect the pitch of a factory whistle?

Does the wind affect the pitch of a factory whistle you hear on a windy day? The wind does not affect the pitch. The wind does affect the speed of sound because the medium that carries the sound moves. But the wavelength of the sound changes accordingly, which results in no change in frequency or pitch.

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Does Dragon Rock affect pH?

Dragon Stone is all natural -- no paints, dyes, or plastic coatings. Stones are pre-cleaned and won't affect aquarium pH. Just as you would cure other natural structures (live rock, etc.) before adding them to your aquarium, it is important to soak your Dragon Stone prior to placement.



Does the sun affect resin?

Light doesn't cause the reaction in polyester, vinylester or epoxy resin systems, though it does affect the process.



Does mass affect maximum height?

When air resistance is negligible, the mass of the object does not affect the maximum height or the time spent in the air. However, the initial velocity of the projectile does play a role. As you increase the initial velocity of the projectile, the time of flight and maximum height also increase.



Does changing amplitude affect wavelength?

How does changing the amplitude affect wavelength? Amplitude does not affect wavelength. It also does not affect wave speed. Amplitude is the energy of the wave measured from the rest position to the top of the crest.

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Does changing the shape affect density?

Even though it may seem as if the clay is more compressed (tightly packed) in the oval than in the hollow square, the spacing between those tiny particles that make up the clay is constant (does not change). Therefore, the shape of a material/substance does not affect its density.

Philippe Leybaert


Does water temperature affect mass?

Students should understand that when the molecules come together as the water is cooled, the volume decreases. But the mass of the water does not change.



Does poison affect the wither?

Poison doesn't kill and doesn't affect the Ender Dragon, the Wither, undead mobs, spiders, cave spiders and witches. ... You can apply it to players and other mobs only with commands.

Jason Wadsworth


Do normal type moves affect ghost?

Normal and Fighting and type moves have no effect on Ghost types. Dragon types are weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type moves. Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass type moves don't do much to Dragon types.



Does Dragon affect fairy?

The Pokémon of this type have the highest average Special Defense of all types. The Fairy type is also immune to Dragon-type damage.

Ayman Nedjmeddine


Does Dragon Fang affect dragon rage?

A non-Dragon-type physical move (i.e. Earthquake) will be boosted only by the Dragon Dance; a Dragon-type special move (i.e Dragon Pulse) will be boosted only by the Dragon Fang, and even then nothing can affect the set damage Dragon Rage does. ..



Does normal affect ghost?

Normal and Fighting and type moves have no effect on Ghost types. Dragon types are weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type moves.



Does fan speed affect AC?

No, the fan speed does not affect the cooling capacity or the running of the compressor. The compressor works independently while the fan throws air into the cabin.

Jonathon Reinhart


Does mass affect drop time?

Mass does not affect the speed of falling objects, assuming there is only gravity acting on it. Both bullets will strike the ground at the same time. The horizontal force applied does not affect the downward motion of the bullets -- only gravity and friction (air resistance), which is the same for both bullets.

Cheers and hth. - Alf


Does dust inside lens affect picture?

Hence, it does not affect the image. The dust on the rear part of the lens, however, does affect the final image because the light directly hits the sensor and anything blocking the light will also show up on the sensor (especially when it is large). Always keep the rear lens element of your lens clean!



Does mass affect orbital speed?

Assuming we are talking about the mass of the satellite (and not the mass of the body being orbited), mass does not affect the orbital speed.

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Does zoom affect picture quality?

Optical zoom does not affect the pixels of the captured image, and therefore maintains the same image quality at all focal lengths. Digital zoom does not depend upon how the lens itself is built, and instead is achieved by digitally magnifying the image captured.



Does diclofenac affect blood pressure?

Diclofenac does not increase the risk of hypertension, but does increase the risk of stroke. Naproxen (Naprosyn) does not increase the risk of hypertension or stroke. Celecoxib (Celebrex) does not increase the risk of hypertension or stroke.

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What does not affect friction?

Friction does not depend on the amount of surface area in contact between the moving bodies or (within certain limits) on the relative speed of the bodies. It does, however, depend on the magnitude of the forces holding the bodies together.

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Does wind affect surfing?

How does surfing work, and why does wind matter? Wind is ultimately the reason surfing exists at all - wind blowing across the ocean kicks up ripples, which add together and grow larger the longer (duration), the farther across the sea (fetch), and the higher the speed at which the wind blows.

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How does marginal utility affect demand quizlet?

How does diminishing marginal utility affect demand? As a person buys more of the same product, the person feels fulfilled and does not need to continue buying the same product. Demand decreases.



Does a guaranteed payment affect basis?

The Guaranteed Payment income does not increase the recipient partner's tax basis in their partnership interest, and the payment itself does not reduce his or her basis.

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Why does the weight of a pendulum not affect the swing?

The mass of a pendulum's bob does not affect the period. ... As mass increases, so does the force on the pendulum, but acceleration remains the same. (It is due to the effect of gravity.) Because acceleration remains the same, so does the time over which the acceleration occurs.