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A few examples of how density applies to everyday life are in ship building, helium balloons, pipe design and the fact that ice floats on water. They are able to float in the air because helium gas density is lighter than the density of air. ...

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Does density affect weight?

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Gravity does not affect density whereas on the other hand gravity directly affects weight. To calculate density mass is divided by volume, whereas to calculate weight mass is multiplied with gravity.

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Does Weight Affect density?

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Density has the components of mass and volume, while weight is concerned with mass and gravity. ... Division is used to find an object's density by dividing the mass over volume, while weight is the product of mass and gravity (by virtue of multiplication). 3. The units to express density and weight also differ.

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How does air density affect temperature?

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Air Density and Temperature This is because warmer molecules of air move faster, creating an expansion effect that decreases air density.

Colder air moves slower, collects together, and sinks with higher density.

This is why warm air rises above cold air..

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How does caffeine affect bone density?

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Studies of caffeine as a probable risk factor for osteoporosis have yielded conflicting results. Caffeine consumption has been reported to decrease bone mineral density (BMD) (2–4), increase the risk of hip fracture (5–8), and negatively influence calcium retention (9–11).

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What are the factors that affect population density?

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Physical factors that affect population density include water supply, climate, relief (shape of the land), vegetation, soils and availability of natural resources and energy. Human factors that affect population density include social, political and economic factors.

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How do density independent factors affect a population?

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Density independent factors, in ecology, refer to any influences on a population's birth or death rates, regardless of the population density. Density independent factors are typically a physical factor of the environment, unrelated to the size of the population in question.

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Does the density of wood affect how fast it burns?

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The wood sample with highest density was maple with a density of 0.769 gm/cm^3 and maple also had the highest combustion rate with an average time of 3 minutes, 5 seconds before it ignited. My data shows that as the density of the wood gets bigger, the time it takes for the wood to ignite also increases.

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How does density affect daily life?

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A few examples of how density applies to everyday life are in ship building, helium balloons, pipe design and the fact that ice floats on water. Density is defined as an object's mass per unit volume. ... Fluids with greater density are harder to push through a pipe than those with lesser density.

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How does water density affect life?

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One of the unique properties of water is that it becomes less dense as its temperature decreases from 4° C until it freezes at 0° C. This allows many aquatic life forms to survive through the winter. ... Changes in water density also cause vertical movement of water and nutrients within a lake, commonly called turnover.

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Does bone density affect weight?

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The effect of weight and of weight change on bone mineral density was in general much less in men than in women. Our results suggest that the strong effect of weight on bone mineral density is due to load on weight-bearing bones in both sexes.

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How does migration affect an area?

Migration helps in improving the quality of life of people. ... Migration of skilled workers leads to a greater economic growth of the region. Children get better opportunities for higher education. The population density is reduced and the birth rate decreases.



Does swimming affect bone density?

Results. It has been generally observed that swimmers present lower bone mineral density than athletes who practise high impact sports and similar values when compared to sedentary controls. ... Nevertheless, swimming may become highly beneficial regarding bone mass in later stages of life.

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How does tillage affect soil aeration?

Au- porosity of soil can be altered by tillage. Therefore, it plays a significant lole in. protecting plants against deficient aeration during critical petiods of their life cycle. ... Bulk density was lower, whereas total and aeration porosity wete higher, under mouldboard and cultivator.

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How does mass affect density?

The density of an object or quantity of matter is its mass divided by its volume. ... In some cases, materials made of atoms with a lower atomic weight have a greater density than those with a higher atomic weight, due to the atoms being more tightly packed.



How does mass and volume affect density?

Density = Mass/Volume, which means that density is how heavy an object is compared to its size – so how closely its molecules are “packed” together. ... It has a higher density. Density = Mass/Volume also means that the larger the volume of an object compared to its mass, the less dense it is.

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How does temperature affect density?

Temperature Affects Density When the same amount of water is heated or cooled, its density changes. When the water is heated, it expands, increasing in volume. ... The warmer the water, the more space it takes up, and the lower its density.



How does volume affect density?

Density and Volume are inversely proportional to each other. ... When density increases, volume decreases. When volume increases, density decreases.



What can affect density?

Density and temperature As the temperature increases, most materials expand or increase their volume. This results in a decrease in density. Likewise, when the temperature goes down, the density usually becomes greater.

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What factors do not affect density?

In other words, the size or amount of a material/substance does not affect its density. 3. Does temperature affect density?

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What factors affect density of a liquid?

Pressure and temperature are the two factors that have the greatest affect on density. Mass and volume are the variables we measure to calculate density. Size and shape have no affect on density. Objects that are the same substance always have the same density, regardless of size and shape.

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How does population density affect quality of life?

Consequently, according to higher level of life quality scores of people living in high population density than those living low population densities in terms of physical, psychological, social and environmental field, it can be said that it is a positive reflection of life to life quality in cities having higher ....



Does fast food affect life expectancy?

American communities with more fast food restaurants, a larger share of extraction industry-based jobs, or higher population density have shorter life expectancies, according to new research.

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How does population density affect plant growth?

Increasing density reduced individual plant growth and productivity. However, in per unit land area, there was higher total dry matter production, earlier and more abundant foliage and fruiting, but not a proportional increase of economic yield and earliness.

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Does density affect water displacement?

If the ball's density is equal to or less than the density of the water, the ball will float. Answer: The density of the bowling ball is greater than the density of the displaced water, thus the bowling ball will not float. The bowling ball sinks in this water.15 Sep 2011



How does temperature affect viscosity and density?

In general, liquids tend to get "thinner" when their temperature increases. For example, honey and oil tend to flow better at higher temperatures. Therefore, increasing temperature decreases viscosity. ... Therefore, increasing temperature decreases density.

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What two things affect density?

Two things affect density: 1) thermal energy and 2) pressure. A substance can change density by increasing or decreasing thermal energy and/or by increasing or decreasing pressure. Adding pressure causes a substance's particles to squeeze together or become more compact, which increases it's density.

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Why does changing the shape of an object not affect its density?

Changing the shape of an object will not change the density of an object because the mass and the volume stays the same. So then the density stays the same. ... An air bubble rises to the surface of a glass of water w=1 g/mL because the air bubble has less density than the water.

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Why does size not affect density?

Does size (or amount) affect density? ... However, the density does not change. This is because the mass and volume increase at the same rate/proportion! Even though there is more molasses (mass) in test tube A, the molasses also takes up more space (volume).

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Does gravity affect density?

How does gravity affect density? The gravity of the body will work to increase its density. ... If we have more mass then we have more gravity, so atoms would be brought closer together until the electromagnetic repulsion equalizes with the gravity.



How does population density affect population growth?

Density-dependant factors may influence the size of the population by changes in reproduction or survival. ... This in turn led to a decrease in per capita birth rate, a limitation in population growth as a function of population density. Density dependant factors may also affect population mortality and migration.

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Does vitamin D affect bone density?

Vitamin D status is related to bone mineral density and bone turnover. Vitamin D supplementation may decrease bone turnover and increase bone mineral density. Several randomized placebo-controlled trials with vitamin D and calcium showed a significant decrease in fracture incidence.



Does density affect heaviness?

For any constant mass, perceived heaviness increases with the object's physical density [34,35,40]. Thus an object's density rather than size might be the second component, next to its mass, which is considered in the judgment of heaviness and which biases our perception in terms of the size-weight illusion.



How does density affect everyday life?

A few examples of how density applies to everyday life are in ship building, helium balloons, pipe design and the fact that ice floats on water. Density is defined as an object's mass per unit volume. ... They are able to float in the air because helium gas density is lighter than the density of air.



How does density affect polarity?

In simple terms, density describes how compact or concentrated an object is. ... Density also determines whether an object will float or sink in another substance. Polarity refers to molecules that are positively charged at one end and negatively charged at the other. It also determines how atoms bond with each other.

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How does hydrogen bonding affect water molecules?

Again, hydrogen bonding is the reason. Hydrogen bonds cause water molecules to line up less efficiently in ice than in liquid water. As a result, water molecules are spaced farther apart in ice, giving ice a lower density than liquid water. A substance with lower density floats on a substance with higher density.

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How does size affect basicity?

Atoms with smaller atomic radius's will have greater electron density, increasing basicity. Atoms with larger atomic radius's will have less electron density, reducing basicity. Key point: LARGER atomic radius means LOWER basicity. SMALLER atomic radius means HIGHER basicity.



How do density dependent factors affect a population?

Density dependent factors cause variable changes in the population as its density changes. When the population is small, these factors typically favor increased birth rates and lower death rates, allowing the population to expand.

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What are the factors that affect density?

Density: Why It Matters Pressure, temperature and humidity all affect air density. And you can think of air density as the mass of air molecules in a given volume.



How will mass affect the volume of the solid?

The larger the mass of the unknown solid was, the more volume it had. The more volume the unknown liquid had, the larger the mass. Since the density stayed the same, and density is theproportional relationship between mass and volume (density = mass/volume), if the volume increased so would the mass and vice versa.

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How does temperature affect water density?

The density of water can also be affected by temperature.


The warmer the water, the more space it takes up, and the lower its density.

When comparing two samples of water with the same salinity, or mass, the water sample with the higher temperature will have a greater volume, and it will therefore be less dense..



How does salt affect the ocean?

Salinity can affect the density of ocean water: Water that has higher salinity is denser and heavier and will sink underneath less saline, warmer water. This can affect the movement of ocean currents. It can also affect marine life, which may need to regulate its intake of saltwater.



How does the thermosphere affect life on Earth?

Lower density in the thermosphere, which is the highest layer of the atmosphere, reduces the drag on satellites in low Earth orbit, allowing them to stay airborne longer.



Does chemo affect bone density?

Certain cancer treatments can increase the risk for osteoporosis in both men and women. Some chemotherapy agents can decrease your bone density. It's a rare occurrence. Hormone therapies for breast and prostate cancer can affect bone density, as well.



Does population density affect health?

Living in neighbourhoods with high population density may damage health. ... Although the health-enhancing impact of more active transport among those living in more densely populated neighbourhoods compensated part of this effect, overall, higher density remained associated with a higher risk of mortality.



What are the factors that affect flock performance?

Focus on basic management factors improves flock productionHigh stocking density and disease. ... High stocking density and carcass quality. ... High stocking density and parasites. ... Alleviate the effects of high stocking density. ... Heating. ... Figure 1 – A simplified solar heating system. ... Lighting. ... Feeds and feeding.More items...•Mar 20, 2017

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How does the density difference between ice and liquid water affect life?

Ice floats because it is less dense than water. Therefore, during the cold season, a layer of ice will form on the surface of ponds and lakes, creating an insulation for the aquatic lives underneath. However, for most substances, the density of the solid state is usually larger than that of the liquid state.

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Does density affect surface tension?

After noting the density of each liquid it became clear that the higher the density the greater the surface tension. The experiment showed that water, the liquid with the highest density, has the highest surface tension; while alcohol,the liquid with the lowest density, has the lowest surface tension.

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How does agriculture affect population size?

Higher rural population density is associated with smaller farm sizes.

Higher rural population density is also associated with greater demand for inorganic fertilizer.

Maize and teff yields do not rise with population density.

Farm income per hectare decreases as rural population density rises..

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How does liquid density affect the buoyancy of objects?

Two forces act on an object when it enters water: a downward force called gravity and an upward force called buoyancy.


If an object is more compact, or denser, than water, it will sink in water.

If the density of an object is less than the density of water, the object will float in water..

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How does temperature affect density of air?

The higher the temperature, the faster the molecules are moving. As the air is heated, the molecules speed up, which means they push harder against their surroundings. ... In the free atmosphere, the air's density decreases as the air is heated. Pressure has the opposite effect on air density.



What are two factors that affect density?

The density of an object or quantity of matter is its mass divided by its volume. This is usually measured under standard conditions for temperature and pressure: 0°C and 1 atmosphere of pressure. One factor affecting the density of a material is how concentrated the atoms are in a given volume.

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How does gravity affect density?

How does gravity affect density? The gravity of the body will work to increase its density. If we think of gravity as a force then to achieve equilibrium something needs to counteract the force of gravity, usually electromagnetic repulsion caused by neighboring electron shells.



What factors affect VMCG?

VMCG is affected by density altitude. High density altitude - Less Thrust - Easier aircraft control. Thus VMCG reduces at higher density altitudes.

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Does density affect drag force?

Lift and drag depend linearly on the density of the fluid. Halving the density halves the lift, halving the density halves the drag. The fluid density depends on the type of fluid and the depth of the fluid. In the atmosphere, air density decreases as altitude increases.